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What is AltTox? is a website dedicated to advancing non-animal methods of toxicity testing through online discussion and information exchange.


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The AltTox forum is a message board intended to encourage information exchange, commentary and discussion of science and policy issues related to non-animal methods of toxicity testing. Here are the three most recent topics posted:

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The Toxicity Testing Resource Center is the informational section of It provides a comprehensive source of information on toxicity testing, non-animal alternatives, relevant stakeholders, government oversight, validation and regulatory acceptance of testing methods, and challenges to and opportunities for progress.

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In 2014, are we closer than ever to a replacement for animal-based skin sensitization tests?

While there are a number of validated and widely-used non-animal methods for assessing a chemical’s potential to cause skin irritation or skin corrosion, the technical challenges of modeling skin sensitization in vitro have proven harder to surmount. But 2013 and early 2014 have seen several important advances, including the first formally EURL ECVAM-validated non-animal sensitization assay.

Stem Cells and Toxicity Testing, Part III: Bioengineered Human Tissue Models

Bioengineered human tissue constructs have the potential to replace animals for certain types of toxicity testing, but only if they provide biologically relevant data. This article discusses some of the current and emerging concepts involved with the development of biologically relevant human cell-based models for toxicity testing.

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