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What is AltTox? is a website dedicated to advancing non-animal methods of toxicity testing through online discussion and information exchange.


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The AltTox forum is a message board intended to encourage information exchange, commentary and discussion of science and policy issues related to non-animal methods of toxicity testing. Here are the three most recent topics posted:

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The Toxicity Testing Resource Center is the informational section of It provides a comprehensive source of information on toxicity testing, non-animal alternatives, relevant stakeholders, government oversight, validation and regulatory acceptance of testing methods, and challenges to and opportunities for progress.

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Validation and Acceptance Status of Alternatives

An excerpt from the book, "Reducing, Refining and Replacing the Use of Animals in Toxicity Testing” (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2014).

'The Way Forward:' Invited Expert Commentaries Published Exclusively on AltTox

The Way Forward (WF) articles are a series of invited expert commentaries exclusively available on the AltTox website. Authors of these commentaries are drawn internationally from academia, industry, regulatory agencies, and NGOs, and are invited to discuss their ideas on advancing the development, application, validation, and/or regulatory acceptance of non-animal methods for toxicity testing.

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